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​Contact details:

Call Rebecca: 0400-206-331
Email Rebeca: rebecca@cordinacreations.com
address: 18 Lambertia Street Greenwood
(as this is a home business you must have an appointment)


How we started
I come from a big family and due to this my Mum always cooked big and everyone that ever tasted her cooking thought it was the best.


In fact my Mum was reguarly called upon for catering and as I got older I was so willing to get in there and give Mum a hand.


Fortunately my Mum wanted my help and that was the start of my culinary education.


From there I read books, took classes and developed a sweet tooth (my mother does not have a sweet tooth)


I was a uni student and I realised that I was not able to persue my hobbies because I had bills.


Now I work from home selling my wonderfull creations!



God Bless








Rebecca Mary Cordina


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