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At Cordina Creations we are serious about desserts as history goes

Valorie Delp gives us a real picture of what it was like before humanity had desserts

In ancient times, people enjoyed the food that was available. Ancient civilizations enjoyed the occasional treat of fruit or nuts rolled into honey. This, in essence, is considered the first candy. In general however, it wasn't until sugar was manufactured during the middle ages that people began to enjoy more sweets. Even then, sugar was so expensive that it was a treat reserved only for the wealthy on special occasions. However, starting in about 3000BC there is a discernable and traceable history of many of the foods that delight the sweet tooth.

At Cordina Creations our sweet tooth is in our DNA

Before some of the Cordina family came to Australia they all were in Malta and they Started Caffe Cordina in Malta where it can still be found today and is still operated by the family, in fact the 2 brothers that operate it today are my direct 3rd cousins

The founder of Caffe Cordina, the late Mr. Cesare Cordina, relocated his business, which was established in 1837, to Valletta in 1944. Over the years he enlarged the establishment resulting in the caffe you see before you today comprising of tea rooms, pasticceria, gelateria, full bar, an outdoor caffe and outside catering. All Cordina’s genuine products, still made in the traditional way, are available at selected outlets across Malta and Gozo.

Today Caffe Cordina maintains the same high standard of quality and service that Cesare Cordina dedicated his life to, in an atmosphere of charm and elegance. Caffe Cordina’s location in the heart of Valletta, facing Piazza Regina and the impressive Biblioteca, puts it within reach of many places of interest including the Grand Masters Palace, St. John’s Cathedral, The Manoel Theatre, The Museums of Fine Arts and Archeology and Castille, the Prime Minister’s office.

In Australia I started Cordina Creations on the 01 Sep 2013

Before Cordina Creations was an actual business it was my hobby, My Mother and Father as children would encourage us to make Christmas and birthday presents instead of buying it, a hand made present that was made with love was more meaningful and more appreciated. On the hand made cards my Mother started writing on the back Cordina Creations to let people know that we actually made it by hand because we were getting so good at making presents that people stated asking what shop we bought their present from.

Based off that I took the leap of faith and registered Cordina Creations as a business, 2013, 2014, 2015 were years of establishment with all of our orders coming from friends and family

2016 is a significant turning point for Cordina Creations because that is the first time the business started getting orders from customers we didn't know.

Cordina Creations is still young and has a lot of growing to do, but as history goes we have a bright future ahead of us :)

Written with love By Rebecca Cordina CEO of Cordina Creations

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