The evolution of the dinner table

Food and conversion have seamed to intertwine throughout the history of mankind

There is something about food and the effect that it has on humanity

Our brains, bodies and spirit seam to be able to become more free snd open in that moment, it is precisely this moment of openness that conversation can easily flow and help people to connect in a deep and meaningful way. 

But is humanity slowly loosing it's ability to have deep and meaningful connections?

What role is technology playing in the destruction of the art of deep and meaningful conversation?

In the beginning of human history before the invention of the dinner table humanity still had the ability to connect with each other in a deep and meaningful way, these deep and meaningful conversations would mainly happen arround meal times because in between they were so busy in finding and collecting food. 

Finding and collecting food took up so much time for our ancestors and later on they would learn how to grow their own food but even that took up a huge proportion of the day.

By the time the food was prepared to eat, out of necessity everyone would gather together because they helped to get the food together so together they ate. 

When the dinner table was invented, this convenient meal time was also the longest part of the day spent together, the first real opportunity to connect and that is how conversations arround the dinner table started.

Now in this modern day some people have learnt from their parents or friends in an unbroken line the art of deep and meaningful conversation, a skill that humanity gets only when modeled and taught.

I have had that opportunity here in Greenwood, Perth, Western Australia 

I am very grateful to my parents, I treasure dinner time and this has forged a stronger and deeper relationship with my parents 

Such to a point that I started a cake decorating company, Cordina Creations, carefully creating, hand decorated cakes and cupcakes, that taste as good as it looks

Unfortunately what the other part of the population of the world is learning, is that meal time is the perfect opportunity not be around the dinner table but to be around the TV, technology stealing the attention and forcing humanity into silence.

Those without television seam to be happier people, that gets me to wonder, where else in our day do we have spontaneous deep and meaningful conversation and I struggle to even comprehend it

It is not too late, deep and meaningful conversation around the dinner table can still be brought back and taught to this new generation, for the sake of your happiness. 

Don't let technology make the dinner table extinct

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